Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Regular Meeting Agenda -6:00 PM
February 7, 2013-Commission Office

Call Meeting to Order
Invocation & Pledge to Flag
Changes to Agenda
Public Participation
Approval of Minutes-January, 2013


EMA Vehicle-Approved leaving EMA vehicle (Ford Expedition) at the EMA office with the key at the EOC (911) center to be logged out and logged in when in use for official county business.

Approved awarding the contract to construct the new Satilla Community Service office building to the low bidder, R. H. Tyson Construction, Inc., Blackshear, GA, in the amount of $345,330.00.

Adopted an Amendment to the Brantley County Dangerous Dog Control Ordinance.

Approved the appointment of Sherry Knox to the Library Board.

Adopted a Resolution for the preparation and submittal of a Community

Development Block Grant-EIP Application.

Approved paying the IRS rate for travel at 56.5 cents per mile.

Regular Agenda

1.   Contract for relocation of power lines at county airport

2.   Employees-Overtime pay for employees working holidays

3.   County Website  

4.   County Extension Service

5.   Bids for Waynesville nature trail & outdoor classroom

         (a)   Bids for walkway, borders, drainage

6. County Manager’s Report

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Work Session-6:00 PM
February 5, 2013 

         A G E N D A

        Call Meeting to Order 
        Invocation & Pledge to Flag
        Changes to Agenda
        Public Participat

1.        Relocation of Power Lines at County Airport/Contract
2.        Employees-Overtime
3.        Smyrna Landfill
4.       County Roads
5.       County Website-Required Equipment
6.        County Extension Service
7.        EMA Vehicle
8.        State Requirements for Volunteer Firefighters Drivers License
9.      Bids for Contractor- Satilla Community Service Building (Mental Health, etc)
10.    Bids for Waynesville Nature Trail and Outdoor Classroom
                   a)   Bids for Walkway, Borders, Drainage
                   b)   Bids for Rubber Mulch
11. Amendment to Brantley County’s Dangerous Dog Control Ordinance
12.    Appointment to Library Board (Virginia Barber Declined Re-appointment) 
13.    Resolution-Preparation and Submittal of a Com. Dev. Block Grant-EIP App.
14.     IRS/State Mileage Reimbursement
15.     Goal Setting Retreat for Board